An adventure in the Montessori philosophy

My students found my Instagram… Good thing I’m private!!  So looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!!!

Happy Pi Day!!

Me and my kids will be deriving Pi from pie!! How cool is that?? What are you doing foe Pi day, #education?


oooohh myyyyy gooooooooddd i cant breath! this is so fucking hilarious


oooohh myyyyy gooooooooddd i cant breath! this is so fucking hilarious

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STEM Expo!

I was totally not looking forward to spending my whole Saturday at this thing, but it turned into a blast! I got to volunteer at the robotics FLL table and learn to run a bunch of robots, I turned heads when ten teenage girls rushed me with hugs screaming my name, and three of my kids took first place!! I’m exhausted, but today totally motivated me to kick butt the next few weeks, until spring break. I needed a reminder of the great things teachers do.

Just a shout-out about teacher tumblr buddies, too: getting stuff in the mail feels great, so don’t forget about your buddy! Mine has something in the mail, and will get it this week! I haven’t gotten anything from my buddy yet, but I hope I do soon! I love getting cards!



A fellow student teacher posted the link to this video on Facebook. I watched it and started laughing so hard that my mom needed to know what it was. Then my dad wanted to see it for the same reason. Each time it got funnier and funnier because I have had this exact same conversation!

If you’re a teacher, you should watch this.

Thank you adventuresinemmaland for posting this! It made me smile!


OMG this is my life.

Downton Abbey…

is so so so amazing… I never get enough of it!!  I know someone dies this season, and it’s killing me to find out who but I’ve only finished episode 3 so don’t ruin it for me!!! /end run-on sentence

Tessellations are so cool.  #school #mathisart
I have to make my own own algebra program… Did I miss anything?

[Oops, I meant Pre-Algebra!!]

“The problem, often not discovered until late in life, is that when you look for things in life like love, meaning, motivation, it implies they are sitting behind a tree or under a rock. The most successful people in life recognize, that in life they create their own love, they manufacture their own meaning, they generate their own motivation.”


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salute my shorts: Montessori



For those who know me IRL know that I love working with children and teens.

I TA’d (kinda) for a class in college and loved it. I’ve worked at childhood enrichment centers and have taught theatre for 6 years in middle schools, after school programs, and summer programs.

I’ve always…

I’ve been working in a Montessori School, but teaching the middle school level. The main idea of Montessori is that the child dictates his or her own education. Instead of whole class lessons, teachers work with individual students or small groups, and give a short lesson, and give students time to practice independently. Once the skill is mastered, the teacher moves to the next skill. Everything is taught to mastery. These schools instill independence in students at a young age, so that by high school, the child is an independent, active learner who loves to learn. I absolutely love teaching in my Montessori school!