An adventure in the Montessori philosophy

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For those who know me IRL know that I love working with children and teens.

I TA’d (kinda) for a class in college and loved it. I’ve worked at childhood enrichment centers and have taught theatre for 6 years in middle schools, after school programs, and summer programs.

I’ve always…

I’ve been working in a Montessori School, but teaching the middle school level. The main idea of Montessori is that the child dictates his or her own education. Instead of whole class lessons, teachers work with individual students or small groups, and give a short lesson, and give students time to practice independently. Once the skill is mastered, the teacher moves to the next skill. Everything is taught to mastery. These schools instill independence in students at a young age, so that by high school, the child is an independent, active learner who loves to learn. I absolutely love teaching in my Montessori school!
  • 28 January 2013
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